10 Ways to Optimize Your Computer for Gaming

Whether you have selected MacBook or a Windows laptop for gaming, optimizing it regularly is important to maintain its performance. Laptops, regardless of the operating system they run, slow down over time without showing any signs or symptoms.

To achieve the best performance out of your laptop while gaming, you need to learn some tricks and tips. In this article, we have mentioned some easy-to-follow tips that you can follow to optimize your computer for gaming.

Free Up Storage

Make sure you have enough storage space available on the hard drive or an SSD so that you can download your favorite high-end games. If you are running out of storage space, connecting an external drive can be a solution. Alternatively, move some data to the cloud to free up storage.

Most of us download games from the Play Store on Windows or the App Store on macOS. While you mostly encounter no particular issue while downloading games on your computer, sometimes it sucks.

So, if you are trying to get a game from the App store and having difficulty connecting to the store, that’s because you need to sign in using your Apple ID. If you have already signed in but are not connected to the store, then there might be another reason, so visit https://setapp.com/ to know the optimal cause and solution.

Remove Cache

The regular cleanup of the laptop is an essential requirement for a gamer. Junk data, cache files, unused data, and much more are there to interrupt your gaming experience. Deletion of unwanted stuff from your laptop is essential, whether you are a Mac or Windows user.

Uninstalling unwanted programs from your laptop also helps you to boost laptop performance. Make sure to navigate to the other storage to delete the app cache, duplicate files, use cache, temporary files, and other items so that it won’t come in the way of gaming.

Upgrade Hardware

The hardware specification of your computer also plays a vital role in deciding your gaming performance. Upgrading hardware to the most recent version will deliver great performance during the gaming session. To boost your gaming, you can also use BlueTooth speakers but make sure they are clean. 

Add more RAM and upgrade the hard drive to the latest SSDs to accelerate the task you perform on your computer, whether it is the gameplay, editing a video, or anything else. You can also upgrade the processor if your budget allows.

Install DirectX

DirectX, the essential gaming component for gamers, is pre-installed with the latest version of Windows 10. This version of DirectX is considered to have the best frame rates in comparison to older versions.

DirectX Diagnostic Tool in Windows can help you to check if you have the right version installed. Otherwise, you have to upgrade.

Activate Game Mode

Activating the Game mode is also a crucial point to be taken care of. The Game mode settings allow you to prevent the automatic installation of new drivers. For different types of games, these settings will help you to set the speed of the frames.

The Game Mode setting in most computers is enabled by default. However, you can also turn it on manually, if required.

Stop Background Apps

A sure-shot way to improve your computer’s performance under any situation. When playing games with AAA titles, you need to close all background apps because games with this title are known for heavy resource consumption.

Make sure that no unnecessary applications are running in the background that might be consuming RAM, storage, power, and other resources. On Windows, disable background processes from the Task Manager, while on the macOS, navigate to the Activity Monitor, identify resource-consuming apps, and quit them right away.

Overclock the GPU

Graphic cards play a significant role in boosting your gaming experience. By overclocking the GPU, you can push the graphic Card’s performance for out-of-the-box gaming. Make sure you have a graphics card integrated into a well-cooled environment, such as a spacious case.

You can use professional tools to overclock the GPU as they come with an easy-to-follow interface. Using a benchmark tool will ensure that you do not push the limits of the graphics card to the extent that its temperature rises uncontrollably.

Alternate Ways to Improve Gaming

Check Internet Connection: Unstable internet connectivity will result in delays and lags and will interrupt gaming in different ways.

Update Drivers: Keep drivers up to date to enjoy flawless gameplay. Updated drivers ensure you will not face any hardware or software issues while gaming.

Upgrade Operating System: To fix bugs and errors, make sure that the operating system is updated and that the latest version of apps is installed.

So, these are some of the essential tips you can use to boost your gaming experience. Make sure to follow these tips carefully, and don’t forget to backup your data to avoid the loss of items in case something goes wrong.

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