Best CPU for LGA 1151 in 2023

There are many important factors to consider when choosing the Best CPU for LGA 1151 motherboard. The processor’s thermal support, power, and cache are the most important factors to consider. If you’re not an intensive PC user, you may want to consider a low-wattage CPU, which will help you save money on electricity bills, without sacrificing performance. The processor’s frequency is also a key factor, as it will allow your system to run cooler, and should be between 2.4 GHz and 2.8 GHz.

Best Pick

Intel I9 9900K

  • Gaming on a 1080p display with the quickest competent processor
  • Very capable of multitasking.
  • Single-core task performance is excellent.

Budget Pick

Intel I5 9400F

  • Single-core performance is quick
  • Budget-Friendly
  • The TDP is low and simple to use.
  • Gaming performance that is first in the market

Editor Pick

Intel I7 9700K

  • Performance is excellent on a single-core basis.
  • 3D Graphics with Well-Handles
  • For high-refresh games, it’s possible to maintain frame rates above 60.

The Intel i9 processor is a top-of-the-line processor, using a 14-nanometer design to ensure backward compatibility with chipsets from other manufacturers. It is capable of overclocking and comes with Solder Thermal Interface Materials (STIM), which implies that Intel has given up on thermal paste for the i9 and other high-end processors.

There are many advantages to buying a new CPU for an LGA 1151 motherboard. It is compatible with LGA 1151 motherboards and is affordable and offers lots of features. It also has excellent gaming performance. Depending on your budget, you can purchase a CPU that will fit your budget while providing the best performance. This article will help you decide which CPU is right for your LGA 1151 motherboard.

Best LGA 1151 CPU List 2023

There are a lot of things to think about before purchasing a CPU for your LGA-1151 motherboard. In general, the finest CPU for an LGA-1151 motherboard is a quad-core one that supports LGA-1151 graphics. Choose a CPU that’s powerful enough to handle demanding workloads while also being simple to overclock. This implies that the choice of a faster CPU is preferable to one with a lesser clock speed.

Award Design Best 1151 CPU Price
Best CPU for 1151 Socket Intel I9 9900K Check Price
Best 1151 CPU for Gaming Intel I7 9700K Check Price
Best LGA 1151 Processor Intel I5 9600K Check Price
Best Budget LGA 1151 CPU Intel I5 9400F Check Price
Cheapest LGA 1151 CPU Intel I3 9100F Check Price

The CPU you select will have a significant impact on the performance of your PC. If you want to play games or perform other high-end activities on your computer, choose a high-end processor with a higher frequency. The good news is that this socket is future-proof. The ideal CPU will give you the best performance possible and allow you to fully take advantage of your expensive graphics card’s capabilities. Moreover, Our CPU experts tested all the Processors during the review in extreme conditions.

Reasons to Buy

  • The best gaming CPU
  • Single-core performance is good.
  • On Z370 motherboards, it works.
  • For single-threaded applications, the Core I9 9900K has a 4.0GHz core peak.
  • With built-in graphics.
  • Overclocking is great.

Reasons to Avoid

  • There is no stock cooler.
Brand: Intel
Cores / threads: 8 , 16
Lithography : 14nm
Microarchitecture: Coffee Lake Refresh
Socket : LGA1151
Maximum Memory Count : 128 GB

The Best CPU for LGA 1151 socket is the Intel I9 9900K. This processor uses the latest generation of Intel UHD Graphics 630 chipset with a dynamic frequency of 1200 MHz. This CPU is unlocked, so you can overclock it without voiding its limited 3-year warranty. It does not come with a heatsink, so you’ll need to purchase one separately.

The Intel I9 9900K is one of the fastest CPUs available today. However, it is not a cheap processor. But it will be worth the money. This CPU is perfect for creating, gaming, and productivity. It has a base clock speed of 3.6 GHz and features Intel Optane Memory support, Intel TXT, and AES-NI encryption. It has sixteen threads in the LGA 1151 socket and has 24-PCIe lanes.

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The I9 9900K has two cores totaling eight cores, while the i7 9700K has four threads, whereas the I9 9710K has eight and sixteen threads, which will provide a boost to multi-threaded performance. The I9 9900K also comes with two Hyper-Threading capabilities, which will help you improve your gaming performance. However, there are a few drawbacks to the I9 9900K. Compared to the other versions, the I9 reflects the best of the three.

While the Intel I9 9900K isn’t the newest processor from Intel, it’s a solid performer. It’s compatible with the LGA 1151 socket, and its maximum speed is 4.2GHz. You can expect this processor to heat up, but the large storage capacity will allow it to function smoothly. The only downside to this CPU is that it doesn’t have a discrete graphics card.

If you’re a gamer, the I9 9900K is one of the best options you can find. It offers excellent single-core performance, but it’s not the most powerful processor in the world. For example, most games rely on the single-core performance of the CPU, so this processor will be more than adequate for gaming. Furthermore, it’s also good for overclocking. Make sure to choose a motherboard with a Z390 CPU connector.

Reasons to Buy

  • Single-core performance is excellent.
  • The i7-9700 KF is a little less expensive for the same level of performance.
  • Decent thermals.
  • Overclocking is excellent.

Reasons to Avoid

  • There is no hyperthreading.
  • There is no stock cooler.
Brand: Intel
Cores/threads: 8, 8
CPU Manufacturer: Intel
CPU Speed: 4.9 GHz
CPU Socket: LGA 1151

The Intel I7 9700K is a high-end version of the Intel I7 processor with a 3.6GHz base clock and Turbo Boost 2.0 and Intel Hyper-Threading technology. It has eight cores and eight threads, and it comes with an LGA 1151 socket and 12MB of cache memory. This new generation of CPUs is also compatible with the latest Windows operating systems.

Compared to the I9 9900K and I9 7700K, the I7 9700K has a lower clock speed. However, the I7 9700K is still one of the most affordable high-end CPUs on the market. This chip is great for gaming, though its single-core performance lags behind its high-end counterparts. The new Intel architecture allows for more threads per core, which helps multithreaded applications perform better.

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The Intel I7 9700K has good single-core performance and is the best option for applications that heavily use one core. It is not as good as the Intel I9 9900K, but for general computing, and farming, it’s sufficient. The Intel I7 9700K is also a good choice because of its good single-core performance. Indeed, the 9700K can compete with the I9 9900K in most gaming scenarios. Despite its lack of hyperthreading, the Intel I7 9700K is still the best 1151 cpu for gaming.

The AMD Ryzen 7 3700X is the fastest non-HEDT CPU on the market, but its lack of Hyperthreading makes it the best choice for gamers. In addition to having an eight-core processor, it has a z390 motherboard. The only drawback of the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X is its lack of single-core performance. Overall, though, the AMD 9700K/KF is the better choice for gamer users.

Reasons to Buy

  • It’s rather inexpensive.
  • Single-core performance is above average.
  • Integrated graphics module with no discrete graphics card.

Reasons to Avoid

  • The stock cooler does not exist.
Brand: Intel
Cores / threads: 6 , 6
Discrete: GPU
CPU Socket : LGA 1151
Memory Storage Capacity: 128 GB
CPU Model : Core i5

The Intel I5-9600K is a quad-core Best CPU for lga 1151 that is fully compatible with other computer components. This chip supports specific technologies such as virtual machine optimization. In addition to being backward-compatible with the previous i5 version, it supports the following features: the I5-9600K features eight cores and an integrated graphics unit, which will be disabled by default. It should cost slightly less than the 9600K and Best LGA 1151 processor, but the performance difference will be too small to justify the extra money and time spent on switching components.

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If you’re buying a new CPU, consider an older model. The Intel I5 9600K isn’t backward-compatible with the previous gen. It’s compatible with motherboards with the LGA 1151 socket. It features 6 physical cores and six threads, and it is clocked at 3.7 GHz bases and 4.6 GHz boosts. This CPU performs well in video games and other heavy-duty tasks, but it isn’t ideal for multi-tasking.

While the Intel I5 9600K is compatible with the 300-series chipset, it isn’t a good choice for DCS. The game is single-core and does not require multi-threading, so it’s not worth the extra cost. The AMD Ryzen 3rd CPU is much better for the game, but it’s still weak in OC and the frequency is too low compared to the Intel. Besides, AMD’s Navi graphics driver uses a high-end processor, and it does not support Vulkan, so it’s probably not a good choice for DCS.

Reasons to Buy

  • For the money, it represents a fair bargain.
  • Compared to the Ryzen 5 2600, the Core I5 9400F outperforms it in single-core performance.
  • 65W TDP, Lightweight
  • This is ideal for beginners.

Reasons to Avoid

  • There is no stock cooler.
  • The multiplier is locked.
Brand: Intel
Cores / threads: 6 , 6
CPU Manufacturer : Intel
CPU Socket : LGA 1151
CPU Model : I5

The Intel I5 9400F is the most powerful desktop processor in the current generation of 9th Gen Intel Core desktop processors. This processor is designed for high-performance computing and is ideal for most general-purpose applications. Its high performance and low power consumption make it ideal for everyday use. The I5 is available in a variety of configurations. It has a 2.2-GHz clock speed and a TDP of 68 W.

The Intel I5 9400F uses Intel’s Coffee Lake microarchitecture to power its six-core, six-thread CPU. It also features a locked multiplier, making it more efficient than its predecessor. Unfortunately, this processor does not come with integrated graphics, so you’ll need to install a separate graphics card to enjoy the full power of your CPU. Its processor is suitable for midrange tasks such as browsing the Internet, chatting with friends, and watching movies.

If you’re looking for a mid-range CPU, the Intel I5 9400F is an excellent option. This processor supports multiple threads and a wide range of speeds. This CPU is compatible with the LGA 1151 socket. It has a maximum storage capacity of 512GB. This is a large storage capacity for a budget processor, and it prevents the CPU from overheating. In addition, it’s not suitable for gaming.

Reasons to Buy

  • Extremely cheap
  • For the price, this computer has adequate single-core performance.
  • The cooler is built into the CPU itself.
  • This is ideal for beginners.

Reasons to Avoid

  • No built-in graphics.
  • The processor is a quad-core chip.
Brand: Intel
Cores / threads: 4 , 4
Microarchitecture: Coffee Lake Refresh
Lithography : 14nm
Socket : LGA1151

The Intel I3-9100F is an affordable midrange desktop processor that is equipped with a cutting-edge non-volatile memory called Intel Optane Memory. This innovative technology sits between the storage and system memory and significantly accelerates system responsiveness and performance. The processor seamlessly manages multiple tiers of storage by presenting a single virtual drive to the OS, so the fastest-access data is placed in this tier.

Even though it doesn’t have more cores, the Intel I3-9100F still boasts impressive performance. The Best CPU for LGA 1151 socket supports speeds up to 4.2GHz and has a maximum storage capacity of 512GBs. The large storage capacity helps the CPU function smoothly and prevents it from overheating. However, the lack of integrated graphics makes it difficult to play games or watch movies without being constantly slowed down.

While the Intel I3-9100F isn’t the fastest processor, it still boasts a mind-boggling performance. With quad-core processing capabilities, this processor is suitable for everyday tasks such as web browsing, media streaming, and gaming. Its compatibility with the LGA 1151 socket allows it to be used with the Intel 300-series chipset. If you’re looking for a mid-range CPU that delivers incredible performance and is also affordable, the I3-9100F may be the best option for you.

For gamers, the Intel I3-9100F is an excellent choice for budget-conscious users Whether you’re looking to play games or work with multimedia, this processor will deliver powerful results. The i3-9100F comes with a 4.2GHz clock speed and up to 512 GB of storage. The AMD Ryzen processor also features discrete graphics for improved performance. You can purchase the motherboard with an updated BIOS for optimal performance.

Buying Guide

Because a processor that isn’t compatible with your motherboard might result in it not functioning correctly, it’s vital to get one that is. That is why we’ve created this post for those who aren’t familiar with processors but want some assistance.


The first thing to check when shopping for a processor is whether it is compatible with the motherboard. The motherboard must correspond to the CPU’s socket and type, or your system will not boot. You’ll need a Z390, Z370, H370, H310, or B360 motherboard if you want to buy 9th-generation Intel processors.


 The most basic element of a CPU is the number of cores. The more cores a processor has, The higher its performance, the better it will do. With LGA 1151 socket, the Core i9-9900K is the finest 9th-generation CPU with eight cores and sixteen threads. The Core i7-9700K features eight cores and eight threads, whereas the Core i5-9600K has six cores & six cores. The cheapest 9th generation CPU with four cores and four threads is the Core i3-9100F.


The TDP is a statistic that indicates how much heat your CPU can produce and how much cooling your system can endure. When evaluating CPUs for gaming, this value was chosen as the mean power dissipation at maximum performance for the central processing unit (CPU).

Some CPUs have a built-in cooling system that was created to cope with the TDP, while others do not. Regardless of the situation, you must ensure that sufficient electricity is sent out to cause damage or overheat your CPU. In the event you overclock your CPU, this number becomes much less important since actual dissipation is frequently considerably greater.


Another thing to think about while picking any of the best LGA 1151 CPUs is the IGP (integrated graphics processor). An integrated GPU, or IGP, is a computer’s onboard graphics processing unit. It’s located within the motherboard and acquires some of the CPU’s computational capability to assist with image rendering.

A GPU is a graphics card in the same way that it generates pictures. They’re tiny, don’t require their own cooling, and are comparable in size to video cards. They are also bolted to the motherboard and cannot be replaced or upgraded.

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Overclocking Support: 

Overclocking a processor improves its performance, and that is why most enthusiasts choose an unlocked processor paired with a Z-series motherboard. Intel’s K-series processors are all unlocked, which implies that their multipliers can be increased. Overclocking a CPU has a significant impact on gaming performance since the quicker the cores are, the more FPS you will get in a game.

Hyper-Threading Support: 

The Intel Hyper-Threading technology is an excellent feature that doubles the number of threads in a processor, boosting performance by up to 25%. Only the Core i9-9900 and 9900K have Hyper-Threading among the 9th-generation processors, The Intel Core i5 and i7 processors feature hyperthreading, whereas the Core i3 chips do not. Hyperthreading allows a CPU to process multiple tasks simultaneously, as opposed to the normal dual-core design.


If the 9700K is too expensive for your blood, we recommend the i5 9600K. It has mind-blowing clock speeds, incredible single-core performance, and won’t hamper a powerful GPU. The i9 9900K is without a doubt the finest /Best CPU for LGA 1151 for versatility. It’s fantastic for gaming, but it’s also a fantastic workstation with 16 threads. It’s the ideal work hard, play hard processor. With ease, it can handle everything and does so with elegance.

The Intel i5 9400F is a fantastic value-for-money choice that needs a turbo boost turned on to avoid wasting money. When selecting the finest 1151 CPU for gaming, take into account many factors and make an informed decision. If we’ve missed any additional LGA 1151 CPUs in the comments, please tell us about them!


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