Best LGA 1156 CPU for Gaming in 2023

If you’re building a gaming PC and are looking for a budget-friendly CPU, then the Intel Core i5 750 is an excellent choice. This CPU is based on “Lynnfield” architecture and has four cores that work in concert to deliver great performance. Overclocking this CPU is straightforward, but you may not want to use more than two threads simultaneously. Our Professionals tested these LGA CPUs before review so you can get the best CPU for your LGA 1156 Socket.

The LGA 1156 socket is the standard for 1st generation workstation-class processors by Intel. These high-performance CPUs are great for photo editing, video rendering, and gaming. Several processors use this socket, and choosing the best one will depend on what you need. Listed below are the top processors for this socket. The prices and ratings on Amazon vary a lot, so you can find a CPU that meets your needs for the most affordable price.

The best CPUs for the LGA 1156 socket are the Intel Core i7 875K, the Intel Xeon Processor X3480, and the Intel Xeon Processor Y3480. If you’re building a gaming PC, the Intel Core i7-875K is a great choice. Not only does it run at a high speed, but it also supports an unlocked multiplier, so you’ll get the highest possible performance.

5 Best LGA 1156 CPU List

Award Design LGA 1156 Best CPU Check Price
 Best LGA 1156 Processor Intel Core i7-870 Intel Core i7-870 Check Price
Best Budget LGA 1156 CPU Intel Core i7-875K Intel Core i7-875K Check Price
Best LGA 1156 Socket CPU Intel Core i7-860 Intel Core i7-860 Check Price
Best LGA 1156 CPU for Gaming Intel Core i5-760 Intel Core i5-760 Check Price
LGA 1156 Best CPU for Productivity Intel Core i3-550 Intel Core i3-550 Check Price

Intel Core i7-870 LGA 1156 CPU

Reasons to Buy

  • Nice and fast
  • Able to be afforded
  • Turbo Technology
  • Good Overclocking Potential

Reasons to Avoid

  • Supports dual-channel, not triple-channel, memory architecture
Brand: Intel CPU
Manufacturer: Intel CPU
Model: Core i7 CPU
Speed: 2.93 GHz
CPU Socket: LGA 1156

The Intel Core i7-870 LGA 1155 CPU has been one of the most popular processors for the last 30 days. Its dual-core design makes it a powerful processor that is also very affordable. Its HD Boost technology helps boost its cache performance, resulting in faster overall system performance. This high-end processor is also compatible with the LGA 1156 socket, making it a great choice for most systems.

The CPU is the most important component of a high-end PC. It is responsible for making it faster and allowing you to perform any task you can dream of. To make the most of your high-end PC, you need a high-performance CPU that runs on the LGA 1156 socket. We have reviewed several 1156 CPUs to help you find the right one for your system.

Currently, the fastest CPU from Intel is the Core i7-870. It is built on a refined version of the Nehalem microarchitecture and is based on the Lynnfield core. It has four CPU cores on one 45nm die, on-chip memory, and PCI bus controllers. It also features a hyper-threading and uses an LGA 1156 socket.

Intel Core i7-875K – Best Budget LGA 1156 CPU

Reasons to Buy

  • Very fast chip
  • Excellent performance
  • Unlocked multiplier for simplified overclocking
  • Great value chip

Reasons to Avoid

  • None
Brand: Intel
CPU Manufacturer: Intel
CPU Model: Core i7
CPU Speed: 3.6 GHz
CPU Socket: LGA

The new Intel Core i7-875K LGA1156 CPU is an upgrade from the old LGA775 Core 2 chip. This processor has an 8 MB cache and a processor speed of 2.93 GHz. It can turbo boost up to 3.60 GHz for improved performance. Although it is still a new CPU, the improvements it makes to the existing LGA775 chips are significant.

The Intel Core i7-875K LGA1156 CPU is designed for office systems and uses 45-nm manufacturing technology. It is capable of four cores and eight threads and features an unlocked multiplier. It supports DDR3 memory and has a 3.2-GHz maximum turbo frequency. The LGA1156 socket can support up to 16GB of DDR3 memory.

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The processor runs at 2.93 GHz with turbo boost, allowing for smoother gameplay and higher-quality graphics. The chip is covered by a three-year limited warranty. The processor is overclockable and compatible with many motherboards and CPU coolers. It is also compatible with motherboards that use the LGA 1156 socket. It also supports Hyper-Threading Technology, so you can multitask without worrying about the system crashing.

The speed of the Core i7-875K LGA 1155 CPU is 2.93GHz. Its four cores and Hyper-Threading make it a powerful gaming processor, and its unlocked multiplier makes it a great value. For those looking for the fastest LGA 1156 processor, Intel’s Core i7-875K LGA-1156 is a perfect choice. It comes with a low price tag, and it is compatible with motherboards with the same LGA socket.

Intel Core i7-860 – Best LGA 1156 Socket CPU

Reasons to Buy

  • This CPU worked perfectly
  • There were no problems with the installation
  • Arrived very quickly and works without any problems

Reasons to Avoid

  • N/A
Brand: Intel
CPU Manufacturer: Intel
CPU Model: Core i7
CPU Speed: 3.6, 3.2, 2.8 GHz
CPU Socket: LGA 1156

The Intel Core i7-860 is the first of Intel’s Lynnfield-class processors and is a slightly scaled-down version of the i7-870. The LGA 1156 socket supports four processing units. The processor also supports dual-channel memory and PCI bus controllers. The LGA 1156 socket is compatible with a wide variety of motherboards. In addition to this, the processor supports dual-channel memory.

The Core i5 processor is the best CPU for video and graphics-related tasks, and it is compatible with the LGA 1156 CPU socket. The LGA 1156 CPU socket is used in the LGA-1156-based Intel processors. The CPU has an impressive clock speed of 2.93 GHz, and it is compatible with the most popular graphics cards. The LGA 1156-based socket is an excellent option for those looking to upgrade their computers.

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The LGA 1156 socket is compatible with the latest generations of Intel processors. If you are planning to build a gaming PC, you’ll need a fast processor with an excellent processor. The Intel Core i5-860 LGA 1156 socket will improve your computer’s performance by up to 28%. The LGA 1156 processors are designed to run Windows and Linux applications with ease and are compatible with most motherboards.

The Intel Core i7-860 LGA 1154 CPU is one of the best processors for your next PC. It has great performance and is great for gaming. Its TDP (thermal dissipation) is 95 W, which means it uses a decent amount of power. The processor supports DDR3 memory and has dual-channel connectivity. The Intel Core i7-860 is not equipped with integrated graphics, but it supports hardware virtualization for improved virtual machine performance.

Intel Core i5-760 – Best LGA 1156 CPU for Gaming

Reasons to Buy

  • Awesome gaming performance
  • Running cool
  • This processor is great! 
  • Great value for money

Reasons to Avoid

  • PCH voltage from 1.05 -> 1.078v to get it stable
Brand: Intel
CPU Manufacturer: Intel
CPU Model: Core i5
CPU Speed: 3.33, 2.8 GHz
CPU Socket: LGA 1156

The Intel Core i5-760 is a quad-core processor with a clock rate of 2.8 GHz. Its clock speed is only slightly higher than the i5-750’s. The CPU features an 8MB Smart Cache and the latest version of Intel’s Turbo Boost technology, which dynamically accelerates your processor’s performance based on your workload. It also has two channels of DDR3 memory and supports Hyper-Threading technology.

This quad-core CPU supports Turbo Boost technology, which allows it to boost its speed to 3.46GHz. It is 45nm copper-bottom design makes it the ideal processor for non-stop multitasking. With four processing units, the Core i5-760 uses less power, which helps keep the maximum heat down. It’s also compatible with the P55 chipset. This processor is a great choice for the average PC user.

The Intel Core i5-760 has a stepping-B1 core, which means that it is similar to the quad-core LGA 1156 processors released a year ago. However, it has a lower voltage than the older Core i5-750. This means that it’s more suitable for games and video tasks. Moreover, it comes at a reasonable price. Those looking for a high-end computer may want to consider an Intel Core i7-870.

The Intel Core i5-760’s TDP is 95W, which means that it consumes a reasonable amount of power. It supports DDR3 memory, and its dual-channel interface uses PCI-Express Gen 2 connection. It lacks an integrated graphics card, making it an excellent choice for many users. Similarly, the AMD Phenom II X6 1055T performs slower in gaming and is less appealing to gamers.

Intel Core i3-550 – Best LGA 1156 Processor

Reasons to Buy

  • Awesome Overclocking
  • Very fast and steady
  • Always works great.
  • Run almost every new game at max settings

Reasons to Avoid

  • It’s Perfect No cons
Brand: Intel
CPU Manufacturer: Intel
CPU Model: Core i3
CPU Speed: 3.2 GHz
CPU Socket: LGA 1156

The Intel Core i3 processor is the perfect entry point for a fast, responsive, and smart PC experience. With a minimum specification of 3.0GHz, the Core i3 is the perfect choice for any beginner or mid-range user looking for a powerful, efficient processor. This processor has been designed for mainstream use and is backed by a five-year limited warranty. This product has been designed to provide a powerful and smart PC experience but is priced affordably.

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The Intel Core i3-550 uses three levels of cache, designated as Level 3 cache. It has a capacity of four GB and is capable of supporting up to eight threads. The AMD chip uses two cache levels, with L1 (for the first core) operating at 128KB and L2 (1MB) with 512KB on the 90-nm chip. Compared to the Intel Core i3, the AMD chip offers lower performance and limited overclocking options. There is also another related article for you on a best processor for 3070.

The LGA 1156 socket is compatible with a wide range of motherboards and supports DDR3 SDRAM memory. The LGA 1156 processor is one of the most powerful LGA 1156 CPUs, according to PC Game Benchmark. This processor supports a DDR3 SDRAM memory channel and operates at 3.2 GHz. The LGA-1156 is an excellent choice for gamers and is suitable for any type of computer.


The best LGA 1156 CPU is the one that supports the largest number of processors. Choosing a high-end computer processor is not an easy task, but if you have some ideas about the performance you want to get out of your PC, read through this guide and choose the best one for your needs. You’ll be glad you did once you’ve read the reviews and purchased the correct CPU for your system.

A budget CPU like the Intel Core i5 760 is a great choice if you’re building a gaming PC. It’s the best option if you’re looking to build a budget gaming machine. It has four cores and can handle overclocking without difficulty. It does not handle more threads, though, so it’s only suitable for low-end systems.

The most popular CPU for an LGA 1156 socket is the Intel Core i5 processor. If you’re using your PC for gaming or video-related tasks, the Intel Core i5 is the best choice. And the processors are compatible with each other. There are a lot of choices out there, so it’s important to choose the right CPU for your needs. So what’s the best LGA 1156 CPU?

If you’re looking for a budget CPU, the Intel Core i5 870 is a great option. The Core i5 is the best choice for budget LGA 1156 CPUs. This processor uses the “Lynnfield” architecture and has four cores. While the i5 870 has a limited number of threads, it is a great choice for overclocking and gaming.

The most important component of a high-end PC is the CPU. Not only is the CPU necessary for a good system, but a good processor must be compatible with the motherboard. When purchasing a CPU, make sure you look for one that supports an LGA 1156 socket. This will increase your PC’s performance and stability. The best LGA 1156 CPU should also support DDR4 memory.

Another important factor to consider when buying a new CPU is the processor. If you’re going to buy a new CPU, make sure it’s LGA1156 compatible. Most processors with this socket type are Intel Core i7 and i5 processors, and the Intel Xeon 5600 is a powerful option for a high-end system. You should check the specifications of both of them before purchasing your new CPU.

Tips Before Buying

LGA 1156 CPUs are the fastest processors available in the market. They can handle any task and run cool. Even though the socket is outdated, they are still among the best-performing CPUs in the market. The best LGA 1156 CPU is the Intel Core i7 875K. Its reliability, high performance, and low price make it one of the best processors available in the market. But there are other good options, too.

If you’re looking for the best CPU in this socket, you should consider the Intel Core i7 875K. This processor is one of the fastest processors available in the market and comes with a very simple installation process. It is also compatible with the LGA 1156 socket and supports more threads. If you’re looking for a first-gen CPU, you should opt for the Intel Xeon Processor X3480. It offers good performance and a low price, so it may be the right option for you.

The Lga 1156 processor for Gaming is best suited for those who need to perform video and graphics-related tasks. This is an ideal choice for budget-friendly computers. With its 3.33GHz clock speed, it is a great choice for intermediate to advanced computer users. If you’re unsure about which one to buy, you can check the reviews of previous users or ask a technician to help you.


The first and vital part of picking a processor is its age. A large portion of the refreshed highlights and capacities is relying upon the age of the processors.

CPU is the most important part of a high-end PC. It makes the computer run faster and performs better. To have the most powerful PC, you need a powerful CPU, and a CPU with an LGA 1156 socket is the way to go. Here is a list of the best CPUs for this socket. This article will help you choose the right one for your needs.

The core of the Processor

If you want the best CPU for your system, you should choose an LGA 1156 CPU socket. This socket is compatible with a wide variety of processors, including high-end desktops and laptops. You can find a list of all processors in this socket below. Each CPU type has different features and benefits. To make the selection easier, we recommend that you read a buyer’s guide or a review written by a computer expert.

Cache Memory

Generally, speed and execution rely upon the cache memory of the processor. The more increased the reserved memory is, the better it performs. Reserve memory implies a more modest smash inside the CPU.

The LGA 1156 CPU socket is a common one for desktop PCs. It is compatible with many different processors and is a popular choice for high-end systems. The list below includes several different types of processors for the socket. The best CPU to buy will depend on your personal needs, and a buyer’s guide or expert review will help you find the right one for your needs.

Speed of the Processor

The LGA 1156 CPU socket supports a variety of processors. If you are planning to build a high-end computer, it is wise to choose the best CPU with this socket. You can read the list below to find out more about the types of processors available. We also recommend that you read expert reviews and a buyer’s guide before purchasing your processor. You can also look for reviews from other users and check out the processor specifications of the top-rated models to get an idea about how powerful they are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LGA 1156 outdated?

When the LGA 1156 socket was introduced, it marked a major change for cooling solutions. But since LGA 775 was discontinued, and no upgrade paths are available, it has become outdated. It was designed to support the Intel Core ix processors and incorporated a dual-channel DDR3 memory controller. It also included optional integrated graphics. Although it is now considered obsolete by today’s standards, it is still widely used.

What is the fastest LGA 1156 CPU?

The most common question asked is “What is the fastest LGA 1156 CPU?”. There are several factors to consider when deciding which processor is best for your system. One of the most important considerations is speed. The processor you choose should be able to run at 2.8 GHz or faster. The next thing to consider is the core count, generation, and cache memory. Another factor to consider is the supporting capacity. The faster the processor is, the better.

Is LGA 1155 and 1156 the same?

The LGA socket is used by Core i3 and i5 processors. The LGA 1155 and LGA 115X are not compatible with each other. Socket 1156 is considered the successor of LGA 1155. Both have four holes and protruding pins. This makes them compatible with each other. The only difference between them is their mounting holes. The LGA socket is also known as Socket H.

What is the best CPU for LGA 1156 socket?

In general, the most efficient processor for an LGA 1156 socket is the Intel Core i7-875K. It is faster and comes with a reasonable price. The CPU can be overclocked and runs cool, which makes it a great option for a budget-conscious user. The LGA socket allows for a wide range of cooling options, and the price is affordable, too. For the majority of tasks, a good GPU will suffice.

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