10 Common MacBook Errors & Possible Solutions

Mac devices are efficient and highly functional gadgets in comparison to other computers. However, even a MacBook can give you challenges if you keep using the product for ages without any alteration or updates. 

Several issues can emerge with your devices, such as battery loss, data loss, and backup loss. The article explains some common MacBook issues and the various ways in which you can fix them without professional assistance.

Slow Performance

Your device can get comparatively slower with time and turns into disappointments and frustrations. It’s like a nightmare when your device challenges you on a working day. 

There are many reasons behind the inappropriate functionality of the device, and some of them are storage issues, outdated programming, memory issues, viruses, and other malware.

Once you identify the possible reason for slow performance, you can target it and observe the change in overall productivity.

Spinning Beach Ball

You may end up with a spinning beach ball on your MacBook device. If it happens, follow a few steps to get it fixed. Try to create some storage on the device to make it run smoothly by deleting unnecessary applications you haven’t touched in months.

Clean the desktop files and media files from the MacBook to avoid the spinning beach ball. In addition, keep your hardware and software drivers updated.

Fast Battery Drainage

The fast-draining battery is another reporting issue experienced by MacBook users that can be resolved by taking corrective measures. 

You need to be aware of the battery life you have available with your device and compare it with your requirements. The problem can arise due to applications running in the background.

One possible action that you can take to prevent this problem is to disable the automatically running background apps to reduce the pressure on the RAM and CPU.

Constantly Flickering Screen  

A flickering screen and dimming can interfere with your work and entertainment hours of the day. To fix this issue, first of all, tighten all the connections. Another tactic is to restart your system and check if it starts to function appropriately.

Reset NVRAM, adjust the energy saver, clean the junk files, and if nothing works, search the web for more solutions or take your MacBook to the nearest Apple store.

Interrupted Internet Connection

You can also come across a situation where you struggle to connect your Wi-Fi to your MacBook. You can easily troubleshoot this internet connectivity issue on your device in simple ways. 

The first thing to do with your device while facing any such issue is to reboot your laptop, reset the Wi-Fi router and check if it gets resolved.

If it doesn’t work, alter DNS and SMC settings. You can also do a wireless diagnostic run on the device to identify and rectify the problem accordingly.

Sudden Microphone Breakdown

When your microphone stops working all of a sudden, you find it difficult to attend your meetings which is more than annoying. You need to run Apple Diagnostics to detect why the microphone is broken and then figure out ways to fix the specific issue.

Alternatively, check your input settings and microphone permissions. Try connecting the external microphone directly to the MacBook. 

Unrecognized Hard Drive

Your MacBook productivity can also take a setback if you have hard drive issues with your device. 

The chances are that your MacBook is not recognizing the hard drive, or the device itself is crashed or corrupted. 

In this case, you will need to arrange a replacement for your hard drive. There might be a USB port connectivity issue, so make sure to check that too. 

The hard drive crash may result in data loss, so to ignore any severe outcome, keep a check on the clicking sounds. Shut down your computer immediately after noticing any strange sounds.  

Unresponsive Apps

Your device runs some applications that are running in the background. It is getting difficult to know from where the issue has arisen. 

You need to figure out which application is at fault. Delete the app or disable it from detecting anything unusual.

To fix the issue, try to clean the cache and any unnecessary apps installed on your computer. In addition, update the operating system and software to resolve the problem.   

Unresponsive Keyboard

An unresponsive keyboard can put a question mark on your work deadlines and halt your productivity. If you experience the same problem, try to run your MacBook in safe mode and check if you can use the device normally.

Try to reset SMC and NVRAM or PRAM as these settings control your peripherals and some other essential functions on the MacBook.

Noisy Fan Sound

The dusty device can be the reason behind your device making noise. Clean your device to see some improvements and figure out if you have another reason for the laptop making noises.

Sometimes, multiple resource-eating apps running on the device can make it noisy. Deleting them immediately will help improve the heating issue on the device.

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