How to Connect PowerBeats 3 to Laptop or Windows 10

You got a pair of Beats headphones and you don’t know how to connect PowerBeats 3 to laptop? and How you can easily pair powerbeats 3 with laptop.

Well don’t worry In today’s article I am going to discuss how you can connect your powerbeats very easily with your laptop in 2022 step by step.

PowerBeats has amazing features:

  • Design for the ear with Noise-canceling Feature
  • Wireless (Bluetooth) with 40 hours of battery life
  • Touch controls and lightweight with a variety of colors
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Learn How to Connect PowerBeats 3 to Laptop – Easily

Got your first Beats Headphones and are Excited to experience excellent audio quality. let see how we can pair these with laptop or windows easily. Now you are ready to master your new powerbeats.

how to connect powerbeats to laptop

Step 1: How to Pair Powebeats

First of all, make sure one thing that your powerbeats are turned off.

For connecting powerbeats to a laptop, the first step is to find the power button, and if you don’t know where the power button is present or located you can check out the manual or guide which you got with the headphones.

Now hold your power button for 5 seconds until the status light flashes and your beats will be turned on.

Note: Make Sure that there should be no audio plugged into your laptop. if there is audio plugged in then plug it out because without doing this your pc will not recognize any other devices and you would be unable to pair. 

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Step 2:

After finding the power button turn on your laptop and go to your Bluetooth settings.

  • Select Windows icon which is present on the bottom left corner
  • Click on the settings
  • Select the device and select Bluetooth and other device settings

The easy way: If you found the steps a little bit hard to understand then simply open Cortana and search Bluetooth and click on the top first result.

Step 3:

No after opening the Bluetooth settings on your laptop you have to find the option to add another Bluetooth device.

Now you will see a list of available Bluetooth devices near your laptop.

  • You need to select your powerbeats from these devices.
  • Make sure that beats are turned on as I told you in the first step!

After selecting the laptop will starts paring and some necessary drivers will be installed automatically. You will receive a notification on your laptop when your device is ready. 

Here you go in three simple steps you have learned how to connect powerbeats to a laptop very easily but if you want to pair powerbeats with laptop or device then you have to unpair the powerbeats from the previous device.

Connecting to another Laptop

The process of unpairing is very easy for connecting to another device all you have to do is to press the power button for a few seconds until the light on the beats flashes and then you can follow the same process to connect another laptop or device.

How to connect powerbeats pro to windows 10?

If you want to connect your beats wireless to Windows PC then all you need is a Bluetooth USB adaptor. Here are some best USB adaptors.usb adopter to connect powerbeats to laptop

All you need to do is insert this Bluetooth adaptor in your PC then go to Settings>Devices then Bluetooth & other devices. You will see an option to turn your Bluetooth on and off.

Now turn your Bluetooth on and follow the above steps to connect your beats wireless to Windows PC easily.

How to fix Powerbeats pro not connecting?

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There Could be the following possible reasons that your powerbeats pro not connecting with your laptop or pc!

No Bluetooth Drivers or Outdated Drivers

The solution to this problem is very simple all you need to do is to update your Bluetooth driver on your laptop you can do this by manually updating the driver or just simply updating your Windows this can also update your Bluetooth driver.

After you update your driver then you can see your powerbeats pro wireless in the available Bluetooth devices.

Windows Can’t find your beats Wireless

If your Laptop cannot find your powebeats or not showing in the Bluetooth section the there are the following Possible Solutions to this problem.

  • If you have connected powerbeats to any other device then you have to disconnect from them by simply turning off the Bluetooth of other devices.
  • Another thing you can do is hold down the power button for a long time somewhere up to 10 seconds then it will connect to your laptop or pc.
  •  You Can also do one more thing just enable your Bluetooth driver by going to the device manager. Expand the Bluetooth section or audio, video, and game controller section then you will find your beats Select and Enable Device (if not Enabled). 

Powerbeats Status – Connected

When you follow the process step by step and the light will stop blinking on your powerbeats it means that your powerbeats are now connected to your laptop or any other device.

Now you have successfully learned how to connect Powerbeats to laptop and hope you found this article helpful.

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PowerBeats not showing up on Bluetooth?

Powerbeats are not showing up in the Bluetooth devices in your laptop then it is because of two reasons Your device does not have a Bluetooth driver. Your Bluetooth driver is not updated.

How to Connect PowerBeats Pro to Android, iPhone, Mac, or PC?

A question may arise in your mind that how you can connect your powerbeats to Android, iPhone, Mac, or PC. Well, it’s not too difficult and you can connect with these devices and any other devices very easily by following the above steps.

Will PowerBeats 3 Wireless Work on Windows 10 Laptop or Any Windows PC?

Yes, You can! Hold the power button for 5 seconds and wait till the light flashes, so your earphones are active. Now Select the Powerbeats from Bluetooth settings on your pc or laptop.



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