White Light on a Motherboard: [Fixed]

While many software engineers and gamers want to have it, their PCs and other mobile devices light up. But there is a point where pinpointing light seems irritating. That’s the freaking white light that stays on in their motherboard.

Although not problematic, the light keeps intriguing the signs of some error in computer processing. Sometimes, it might be due to an error in VGA (Video Graphics Array). It may also mean there may be some fault in the graphic card.

In order to let you know the reasons for this technical issue and possible solutions to resolve it, we will be talking extensively about White Light Display on Motherboard. So, what are you waiting for? Have a quick reading of the article and enjoy.

Computer motherboard; a brief description

Just as the CPU is the brain of a computer, the motherboard is the heart of a computer. It connects and controls all the parts of a computer. It consists of CPU sockets, panel ports, disk drives, and expansion cards.

Above all, the motherboard also consists of various LED lights. These lights beep or flash in different colors while booting various parts of the operating system. So, you can use these lights to assess the device’s functionality.

The lights are labeled as GPU, DRAM, RAM, and VGA. The white light is this VGA. Sometimes, it may also be GPU. If the light continues to flash, there is some malfunctioning in the graphic card.

Have you experienced this white light? What does it mean?

While talking about the white light display, different users have different views. These are:

1. VGA or GPU error

Generally, light in a device shows that it has power. But talking specifically about the white light that stays on in the motherboard, it can be a sign of faulty or no graphic card.

It also shows there may be a technical error in Video Graphic Array or Graphic Processing Unit.

2. Outdated BIOS version

If your graphic card is fine, it may be one of the QLED lights. However, some also claim that the constant white light may be due to an inefficient or outdated version of BIOS.

3. Faulty display port

Lastly, the light may be a sign of a faulty display port. It is because the display port is sometimes incompatible with the processing unit.

In short, if you see a constant white light in your motherboard, you should perceive it as a sign of any error in a computer display.

Possible causes of white light display

Often overheating due to dust may affect the graphic card’s functioning. Other important factors include:

  • Faulty installation into the motherboard,
  • Frequent overclocking,
  • Power shock
  • Bent CPU pins
  • No pins on the CPU’s short bottom side or the VGA card.
  • Computer bugs
  • Sometimes, the white light may be due to device updating issues.

Does this light affect the working of the motherboard?

White light shows some problems within the Graphics array of the system. Whether it is due to updating issues, incompatible VGA, or a graphic card, it mainly affects the device’s display.

The device may end up with an undesirable image quality or a frozen screen that you must.

Want to fix this issue? Here is a solution

You can only have peaceful work on your device if it is free from every error. A device with a defective display can be a headache. Here is a step-by-step process by which you can fix this problem easily.

1. Check your power source

Many devices malfunction due to inadequate power supply. So, checking if your device is getting enough electric sources is good.

2. Disconnect all peripheral devices

There may be an issue with the connectivity of the devices. Just disconnect all the devices once and reconnect to check if the issue persists.

3. Check your graphic card

If your device is getting enough power supply, neither is the connectivity issue, and it may be possible that the device may have a faulty graphic card.

For this, remove all other devices and connect only the graphic card to see if it works. If it is not working, refer to the experts and repair or replace your graphic card.

If it operates normally, then the problem would be in its connectivity. Try connecting it to the right place and then reboot your system.

While the problem persists, you better get an expert-selected graphic card. ZOTAC Gaming GeForce Graphic Card is one of the industry-leading.

4. Check for the latest BIOS version and reinstall

If the white light still stays, check for the BIOS version on your device. The BIOS version may need to be updated.

Update your BIOS version taking into account its compatibility with your device and official provider. For this, check for the updates on your device, then search for BIOS. Download the latest version and restart your computer.

5. Clean your computer bugs

Bugs can be a hectic problem when it comes to computers. So it is better to check for bugs regularly.

Remove the case and clean all the dust if you use the desktop. The same is the case with the laptop. It will resolve your issue of white light.

6. Other manual settings

If there is white light without any other symptoms, it is possible that there would be an issue with the CPU pins. You must remove all the RAM modules and carefully check for damaged or bent pins.

You may also need a magnifying glass because some pins are too small to be visible to the naked eye. Then you can bend the pins by hand or by applying pressure.

Here is a simple video by which you can learn to fix the white light issue.

Tips to Maintain Your Motherboard 

You should ensure proper maintenance to prevent your motherboard from being defective. Following are some ways by which you can maintain the proper functioning of your motherboard.

  • Regularly sweep off the dust that piles up on the motherboard.
  • Look for swellings or leaky capacitors. You can see how to replace the bad capacitor in the following link.
  • Keep your computer hardware away from environmental hazards. It may include dust and moisture that may build up in the device.
  • Keep your device in a safe place, away from physical hazards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I test to see if my motherboard is at fault?

Various factors cause the system motherboard to become non-functional. You can check your motherboard’s functioning by disconnecting all the hardware.

After that, check the CMOS battery and performance of the POST on the screen. You should also check POST LED and beep code speaker.

Lastly, check for the physical signs of damage.

How to fix a malfunctioning graphic card?

If you find your graphic card at fault, you can fix it by detaching all the hardware devices and then enabling them again. 

Moreover, uninstall and reinstall the drivers plus upgrade the video card drivers. It is better to cool and clean your video card regularly. Also, check if your graphics card is enabled and is properly fixed in the PCI slots. 

If the issue persists, it is better to contact the graphic card manufacturer.

What does the CPU white light on the motherboard mean?

When you see a red or white LED light on the motherboard, it means you have a defective CPU. It also shows that there needs to be a proper connection among computer hardware. 

In short, a red or white CPU light on the motherboard shows the system malfunctioning.


Technical issues persist parallel to the computer devices. The smooth working of the devices affects the performance of the user. Any technical error in a device greatly affects user performance.

A white light display on the motherboard shows the signs of malfunctioning a particular device. It may be the graphic card, VGA, outdated BIOS version, or various other updates.

If you are facing such a problem, you need not worry about it. There are some simple ways by which you can easily diagnose and correct the white light issue. You can check your power supply, device connections, or graphic card.

If you still find that white light after checking all the issues, you need to consult an expert to check for the cause.